Stunned in my car – the clock goes on ticking,
A gray blurry image comes out of the shade.
Deep in my heart I hear myself thinking,
"How can I stop this noise in my head".
Did I do something bad?
Should I really be dead?
What is this light that I'm seeing ahead?

Sitting in the dark, inhaling the smoke,
my cigarette spark can be seen in the fog.
It's just about time, I'm watching the clock,
I now hear the footsteps, the bark of a dog.
I think to myself "I should be in my bed".
I think to myself "Am I already dead"?
I see how the bullet flies into my head.

Alone there at night, the mist all around,
shadows are talking, my voice makes no sound.
My brain is choking, my body astound.
No noise was heard as my head hit the ground.
The gun that shot me did not really care.
The bullet that killed me did not want to spare.
My game is over 'cause life isn't fair.


Raanana, October 2011